Catenate is an Asian and UK based outsource total solutions provider, integrating industrial sub contract manufacturing and professional sourcing consultancy.

Our primary concern is your Intellectual Property, it's our responsibility and in our care, therefore we have become significant equity partners in our vendors operations and facilities, and do not ?farm out? our clients enquiries or IP to the lowest bidders. We welcome and encourage our clients pro-active collaboration in the production process of their products. ?relocating? their own in house established lean production ideas and methods to our Low Cost Country (LCC) environment, Affecting a move from Lean Manufacturing, to Lean Enterprise supply chain strategy.

The problems that companies experience with outsourcing and offshoring are not due to the strategy? invariably comes back to poor planning, poor decision making and poor communications. (Source NOA: National association of outsourcing)

Transforming your enterprise is never easy. Our experience has shown that if we define objectives and set realistic schedules together, create joint teams, and above all anticipate and mitigate risks together, then we improve our chances of success.

  • Committed to improving our customers business performance through long term, win-win relationships.
  • Focused on the strength of ?partnering? to deliver consistently outstanding results to our customers around the world.
  • Dedicated to providing your company with remarkable customer service.

Catenate Sdn Bhd is a turnkey tooling design and manufacturer of both Plastic injection moulding and progressive metal stamping, metal formed components. Specialising in high performance automotive products including metal roll forming, mandrel bending, laser cutting, TIG, MIG, Robotic and specialist hand welding.

Working with OEM and Aftermarket clients, Catenate is experienced in providing complete turn key outsource manufacturing solutions from product design and inception through to tooling design, tooling manufacture, component manufacture, sub and full assembly and international logistic supply chain management.
Globalization offers opportunities for companies to extend their supply chain to low cost countries as well as meet global demand for their products and services.

Catenate provides professional sourcing services and advice to SME?s and mid-corporates in UK, Australia, South Africa and the US.

Catenate also assists clients in setting up collaborative or green field manufacturing facilities or representative / sales and marketing offices in Malaysia as a step into Asian market entry.

Why Malaysia

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