Launch of an OEM outsource Total Solution Provider

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sept 06

Catenate: Verb to connect in a series of ties or links; form into a chain (Oxford Dictionary)Aptly describes the business model of the newly re-branded company formerly known as PFC Industries Sdn Bhd.

Research demonstrated that Malaysia is the perfect match for Catenates target market, Western SME’s and family owned companies looking at outsourcing as an essential strategy to improve bottom line and competitiveness.

“while price was of course identified as being very important in a recent survey of our target market and existing clients, it was listed well behind IP protection as the #1 priority, which was then followed by quality and concerns about cultural and language barriers when considering outsourcing to a Low Cost Country (LCC) such as the more widely touted China and India as cheap outsourcing destinations” says Catenate founder Ms Sharifah Nadia Syed Mansor.

The aim is to leverage off these facts and capitalize on the good press being generated in the Western Business Media such as a 2006 report into the major outsourcing destinations by Global advisory firm Frost and Sullivan which goes on to say; while India is the "clear favorite due to cost and skill of its human capital," and China is "ambitiously catching up by leveraging on human capital," Malaysia is "preferred due to its 'First World’ infrastructure." A very clear indication that both China and India are still an outsourcing destination which carries multiple risks to the SME and family owned business community.

Catenate Sdn Bhd is currently completing the first phase of its Re-branding process emphasizing the companies Brand Essence of “Together We Achieve” by signing a sponsorship deal with A1 Team Malaysia as a platform to communicate the companies and Malaysia’s competencies to a global audience as well as reinforcing its ‘partnership’ approach as an outsource strategy. The new look website will be launched late September and exhibitions to coincide with A1 GP races in UK, US, Australia and Malaysia will also take place.

Catenate Sdn Bhd

IS a product design and manufacturing services company based in Malaysia, S E Asia. Offering turnkey outsource manufacturing solutions for a range of OEM industries that require progressive metal stamping, metal formed and plastic injection moulded products, welding, powder coating, secondary process through to full assembly that are “ready for retail”

Also utilizing the multi cultural maturity, language comprehension and natural empathy unique to Malaysia, Catenate Sdn Bhd also provides a unique business model of niche up-selling BPO services. (Business Process Outsourcing). Catenate Sdn Bhd specializes in real-time behavioral marketing and live interaction services

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