"The problems that companies experience with outsourcing and offshoring are not due to the strategy…..it invariably comes back to poor planning, poor decision making and poor communications"
(Source NOA: National association of outsourcing)


When you choose Catenate to help with any of your outsourcing needs, you get more than a provider. You get a partner who will help your company achieve high performance. You’ll gain access to best-in-class skills and capabilities to lower your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

Catenate is a western managed manufacturing company based in Malaysia, South East Asia, with offices and warehousing in the UK and Australia. Offering turnkey outsource manufacturing solutions for a range of industries that require progressive metal stamping, metal forming, mandrel bending, TIG, MIG, Robotic and specialized hand welding as well as plastic injection moulded products and secondary process through to full assembly that are “ready for retail”.

We fully appreciate that outsourcing to a company that is maybe half a world away can be intimidating and a potential logistical problem to plan and implement. This fundamental understanding only comes with experience, and has helped Catenate to develop our remarkable customer service to assist our customers in meeting these challenges.

Catenate can provide cross industry expertise, and outsourcing skills to provide cost-effective business solutions and improved business performance. With over a decade of outsourcing experience in Malaysia and Asia, Catenate offers end-to-end product/service sourcing and procurement, off shoring consultancy and project management, advice, solutions and strategies.

Due to our very strong commitment to Clients Intellectual Property, Catenate has a policy of ‘ONLY MALAYSIA MADE’ and become significant equity partners in our vendors operations and facilities as well as operating ‘collaborative manufacturing’ practices, and do not ‘farm out’ our clients enquiries to ‘lowest bidders’. We welcome and encourage our clients pro-active involvement in the production process of their products. Collaboratively utilising their own in house established lean production ideas and methods to our Low Cost Country environment, affecting a move from Lean Manufacturing, to Lean Enterprise supply chain strategy.

Our mix of western and local management can draw upon 3 decades of Malaysia’s established world class manufacturing capability and infrastructure.

A 2006 report into the major outsourcing destinations by Global advisory firm Frost and Sullivan goes on to say; while India is the "clear favorite due to cost and skill of its human capital," and China is "ambitiously catching up by leveraging on human capital," Malaysia is "preferred due to its 'First World’ infrastructure."  

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