Catenate Community Care

The Executive Directors, management and staff of Catenate Sdn Bhd are committed to making a sustainable positive impact on the community in which we operate. For Catenate, social responsibility is a fundamental of company character.

Catenate Literacy Program

Catenate have recently Launched the anchor program under “Catenate Community Care”. Reflecting the Companies Brand essence of “TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE” Rumah Kanak Kanak (Childrens home) Tungku Budriah, Cheras becomes the first children’s home to pioneer the Catenate Community literacy program.

Starting March 1st 2007, the company is directly sponsoring the provision of 3 tutors who attend the Tungku Budriah children’s home twice weekly to teach the most illiterate children to read and write as well as basic computer skills.

The program was jointly conceptualized and developed with The Liaison Combination (TLC), a Malaysian- Dutch consultancy, well established in developing corporate responsibility programs in Malaysia, and synergizes with our core principles perfectly.

  • Preference will be given to those projects that have a credible and defined long term outcome.
  • Must have clear tangible goals and outputs which are clearly aligned to the key themes of Education, Personal Growth and Self Worth.
  • Only recognised, reputable community groups with proven track record of delivery and good governance will be supported.
  • Support will not be provided to individuals or groups with political or sectarian connections.

Catenate Founder Puan Sharifah Nadia Syed Mansor, Catenate CEO Mr Glen Stidolph and head of Rumah Kanak Kanak Tungku Budriah, signing the Catenate Literacy Program agreement

The Catenate Literacy program is unique in Malaysia for a company to be pro-actively involved in initiating, funding, resourcing and implementing a vital educational course for underprivileged children.

The pioneering course will be carefully monitored by the company and TLC as the intention is to gain Government support with a view to a much wider implementation of similar programs.

Staff and partner involvement

Catenate employees, Vendor employees and sponsorship partners are encouraged and supported, subject to business requirements and resources, to participate in community based activities through programmes which focus on:- mentoring, coaching, volunteering and charitable giving.

Former F1 and now lead Driver of the A1 GP Team Malaysia Alex Yoong and the A1 team donated 1200 official A1 GP T shirts to underprivileged malaysian children at a recent charity event. Catenate Sdn Bhd is official sponsor to A1 GP Team Malaysia

Matching company resources with community interests is a difficult task. Catenate worked closely with The Liaison Combination to establish the anchor program.

* The Liaison Combination, founded in the year 2000, is a Malaysian Dutch Company with the goal to connect business and society for the ultimate of benefit of both the company and the many community based organisations (CBOs) in Malaysia. TLC promotes corporate social responsibility mainly via corporate community involvement programmes.*

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