Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in China and India is a big concern for many of our clients, and understandably so. In a recent survey - 74% of the CIO's surveyed voted that IP protection, security, business continuity & disaster recovery process was critical while considering an offshore vendor. Stories abound of products being copied, and even of factories using the molds that you paid for to make and sell your product behind your back. This is one of the many reasons why Malaysia and CATENATE is a more sensible choice to consider your outsourcing project.


"when considering offshore outsourcing, a business should choose a country that is fairly compatible with the business' homeland and is socially developed, preferably one that has been tried and tested."
Robert Petershack; Michael Best & Friedrich. US. Extract from “Consider the legal issues before outsourcing offshore.

Catenate is a substantial equity holder of its main vendor supply chain, which gives our clients the comfort of real product responsibility and 'Ownership'

We are proud to be able to say to our clients that we don’t need to employ some of the guerilla tactics employed by outsource agencies in China and India such as taking out tooling from the vendor at night to prevent secret nightshifts, keeping final or full product designs away from their vendors or even designing secret key components into the final assembly and splitting manufacturing and full assemblies across vendors to prevent any one vendor from seeing the completed part.

Catenate is committed to the security and privacy of our customers and any information of either commercial, design, trademark, or subject to copy write, will only be used or disclosed as directed by our customers and in accordance with their own privacy policy and Catenate Non disclosure agreements (NDA).

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