Catenate Sdn Bhd, Based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Lancaster UK, is a western managed Corporate Services Provider, ideally located to offer a full spectrum of international business consulting services for clients interested in doing business in Asia. We assist companies interested in manufacturing, investing or opening an office or factories in Asia.

The 2006 Grant Thornton International Business Owners Survey (IBOS) found that Malaysian medium and large enterprises (MLEs) are actually benefiting from the effect of China. The survey found that on average 22 % of the Malaysian medium and large enterprises (MLEs) are benefiting from the fast growing Chinese economy, second after Hong Kong with 53%.

Malaysia, China for beginners.

The reasons why China has had such a positive impact on the Malaysian manufacturing industry is due to the strategy of Malaysian manufacturers being able to take advantage of the close proximity of low cost manufacturing in china without many of the hazards that Western companies have suffered due to language or cultural barriers, coupled with the higher value added levels of Malaysia’s more mature, higher value-add manufacturing processes. This enables Malaysia to attract many companies who wish to take advantage of the lower costs and conducive manufacturing and business environment, but importantly also use Malaysia’s well established trading relationships as a springboard into China and the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

Catenate Sdn Bhd is a western managed Corporate Services Provider, with its senior managers all being based in the sub contract manufacturing and Business Process Outsourcing sector in Malaysia for over a decade. This hands on experience and constant 3rd party research on the Asian Low Cost Country business environment strengthens our opinion that Malaysia is the most risk adverse and conducive Asian Low Cost Country for outsource or offshore destination initiatives for Small to Medium Enterprises and Mid Corporates.

Catenate Sdn Bhd is committed to helping our customers build effective supply chains and seamlessly adapt to what will no doubt be a major change in environment. However, it’s not just a question of culture and language; it’s having people on board with a strong local network who are in tune with local market conditions.

Overview of Our Area’s of expertise:

  • Corporate Establishment Service:
    We cater to the needs of UK, European, Australian, South African and US Investors seeking to set up a company, branch or representative office in South East Asia (Malaysia Based). We provide complete service from help in developing business plans, advice on market entry, company set-up plus assistance in locating and working with local Government and international agencies in license and immigration applications, various government incentives, tax, finance, shipping and other needed services.
  • Investment services including investment feasibility analyses:
    Business partners' credit and status reports; locating and recommending agent and joint venture partners for foreign companies; bank, accounting and legal services selection investigation and recommendations, comprehensive inquiry services.
  • Investment opportunities and ‘matching’ service:
    Identification of select investment opportunities in Malaysia and UK up to Mid Corporate size, facilitation of foreign investment processes in Malaysia and UK. Particularly in Biotech, ICT, Oil and Gas, Education and Engineering.

There is one consistent characteristic in the most successful outsourcing arrangements: a relationship built on trust and commitment. At Catenate, we find that our customers often begin their outsourcing journey looking for a "provider"; but they soon find that what they actually want and need is an outsourcing partner.

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