The Catenate Sensei model approaches Low Cost Country sourcing and logistics holistically, taking an integrated view that seeks total value—not simply reducing today's prices. Catenate cuts through the typical challenges of Low Cost Country sourcing.

Catenate will help you define which categories are suitable for Low Cost Country sourcing and logistics, identify risks, review potential savings, build a business case and develop a roadmap to your competitive advantage.

Catenate 'Sensei' soucing and procurement model

Category assessment
Review of current spend profile.
Total cost of ownership = Plan of what to source.

Risk Assessment
industry risk assessment
Supplier risk assessment
Logistics risk assessment = Migration strategy

Supplier identification
Supplier market intelligence
Supplier search
Qualification/on-site audits = Shortlist of qualified suppliers

Differentiated bid strategies
Fact-based negotiation
Contracting = Selected suppliers

Supplier identification
Production process qualification
Quality & delivery assured
Order-to-delivery process defined = Supplier integrated into supply chain

Optimized logistics solution
Catenate owned Inventory locations
Global trade management = Products delivered to own sites

Supplier development program
Assessment of capability gaps (joint)
Client Workshops and training = Creating Capable suppliers

Local office
Asian Market feasibility
Company set up
Staffing, recruiting, training
Collaborative / Greenfield manufacturing
Local license requirements, work permits
Integration to global organization = Established Asian market presence

The Catenate ‘Sensei’ model supports your current supply chain program whether mature or just starting out. In global sourcing Sensei can take you further, sharing our skills with your resources, pooling knowledge and experience to ensure you maximize the potential from a low cost country sourcing strategy.


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